Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Finding Yourself with The Truth Project

The Truth Project by Dante Medema

Living in Alaska, thinking her senior project is going to be a breeze, Cordelia Koenig follows her older sister’s idea to find her roots. Easy-peasy!  Mail in a DNA sample, then write a report in verse so it’s different (better?) than older sister’s report, done! They have the same parents, of course, so she’ll need to make her project sound interesting. Oh wait! They don’t have the same dad? Cordelia always thought she was a little different than others in her family, but did she expect this? No way!

GeneQuest was the company Cordelia used for her DNA testing to find her family history, and is an actual company you could use to test your own DNA, too! CRI Genetics is another DNA testing company that also offers reports in addition to Ancestry, including: Health, Allergies, Nutrition, Traits, and more. 

Thank goodness Cordelia has a great best friend she can text at any hour. She also has Kodiak in her life, the good guy who has made some wrong decisions, but now he’s there for her. Why can’t her mom see that!? Cordelia’s poetry flow is stagnated. She can’t get past thinking about her biological dad in Seattle and what that means for her life now. Should Cordelia be living part-time in Washington and part-time in Alaska?

The Truth Project is written mostly in verse, but also has text messages, a few letters, and face-to-face meetings. It’s going to touch your soul as you come to love Cordelia, her struggles and her search for her truth, something we all need.

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Cordelia found truth with the family that she always knew. Has your family provided your truth?

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